About Us

El Chavito started in San Diego, California in 2015. Our founder created a signature spice rub for dried fruit snacks and candy. He originally sold the product himself into AM/PMs, 7-Elevens, and liquor stores throughout Southern California. Almost immediately demand exploded - including from non-Hispanic markets. He discovered that his proprietary spice rub had a tremendous cross-cultural appeal.
In July 2017, El Chavito launched with Core-Mark, West Coast a leader in convenience store distribution. Seven months later, in February 2018, Core-Mark expanded our 25-item product line nationally. We are now Core-Mark's exclusive Hispanic candy nationally!
Our portfolio includes 25 delicious candies. We can be merchandised on a stand-alone rack or Inline. Our propriety spices are what sets us apart from our competition and allows our product to appeal to diverse markets. The combination of our repacked items and our signature spice is why we are demanded by name- El Chavito!